Turn Your Small Outdoor Space into a Tropical Oasis 4

Dying to swing open the patio doors and let summer shine in? Ready to give the blender a permanent space on your counter and fire up the grill? If you’re like most small space dwellers, you just have one tiny problem: your small outdoor living space is not exactly a Tropical Oasis.

Good news! Our outdoor furniture tips can help you turn that postage stamp sized space into your very own getaway – can you say more Bahama Mamas please?

Here are 5 very practice steps to turn your small outdoor patio into a resort-like getaway:


Step One


First, stick with light colored fabric. Often times dark pieces can make a space seem even smaller. Lightening it up will give the illusion of bigger, more inviting space. Get tips on keeping summer patio cushions clean here.



Step Two


Avoid using furniture with larger frame work – it takes away from the little space you do have and can make it difficult for multiple people to use the space. Furniture with a smaller frame doesn’t always mean less comfortable since it’s all about the contour and the cushion.


Step Three


Maybe your space is not meant to be shared. Invest in one or two “me” pieces; a grand lounge chair, and side table surrounded by large leafed plants. Nothing says vacation more than a enjoying a beautiful Chaise Lounge


Step Four


Need flexibility with your décor?  Consider getting something with storage and seating that creates a fun, party scene and can be arranged in multiple ways.

Also, benches can make for great tables or seating. Sets that a bench can often fit 2-3 people if you are entertaining or provide a place for books, magazines, or serving dishes.



Step Five


Lastly, when pulling it all together, start with largest piece first, making sure to place it where there is enough surrounding space. Pushing chairs up against walls allows for more walking space, but you’re creating sitting space, so prioritize breathing room and ambiance. Fill in the gaps with large-leafed plants in pots with draining trays that water to flow out easily. Add colorful flowers that complement the color of the pillows, not ones that match them exactly. Finish it off with small tiki torches or hanging lights as lighting makes a dramatic difference in a room, even an outdoor one.

When it comes to furnishing any room, indoors or outdoors, it is all about proper use of space. An outdoor large L-couch might be what you desire but, if it is too big it just isn’t the best option or the most inviting. In addition, when deciding on which piece of furniture to buy consider what the space will be used for. Are you an entertainer or will you be enjoying some solace in your secret city retreat? No matter what your preference is, there is something for you at Great Deal Furniture that will make everyone wishing they could enjoy summer nights on your patio.

Investing in high quality outdoor seating can really make all the difference. Then have some fun and use your green thumb. We recommend consulting with a gardener on what shrubbery will bring out the most in your space. And ta-da! You’re very own tropical oasis, no airline ticket required! Cheers to Summer 2014!

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